Custom Built Goat Sheds
and Large Breed Dog Houses

Could be used for mini horses and mini donkeys also
Skid system to tow around your property with pick up, tractor, or UTV.
All pressure treated lumber floors, wall studs, and roof system
All framing is PT lumber
6 feet to roof peak
Pressure treated 3/4" floor
6 feet to the peak of the roof
50-year smart siding
40-year roof metal - you pick your color
You can paint your shelter whatever color you'd like
A-frame roof system, not like others with a flat shed roof and a few pieces of lumber to support your roof
3-year warranty on all shelters on materials and workmanship
We offer 5 sizes to choose from
You can order with floor or without
These shelters are the best your money can buy, built right, and built to last

Goad Shed 2
Goat Shed 4