Keep Your Animals Safe With Our Custom Shelters

Keep Your Animals Safe With Our Custom Shelters

Chicken Coops 

5X8   $1000 40 SF
5X10 $1225 50 SF
6X10 $1450 60 SF
6X12 $1750 72 SF
6X14 $2000 84 SF

6X16  $2600 96SF  "Includes skid system".



Due to 40% increase in lumber and hardware cloth we had to increase our pricing as of 12/21/2021. We will have to adjust prices as we go forward.

Chicken Coop 2
250 watt ceramic heat system


5X8, 5X10 or 6X10 $200
6X12, 6X14 $225

Water Feed System

 Water/Feeder system 20 lb. grain capacity
$125 Installed 

Infrared 250 watt Ceramic heating system $150

We have designed a 250 watt infrared heating systems which can be used in our coops dog house's goat sheds an rabbit hutches. No heat lamp bulb light to keep your animals awake.All you will have to do to do to be able to use it is hook your drop cord to outside of building to power it, it will have a water proof switch on out side of building to turn it on an off with. This system is grounded for your safety. the system is not a light bulb system but infrared so it does not bother your animals sleep pattern. Price for the system installed ready to use is $150

ChickenGuard Locking Combo Extreme 

Automated door, dusk to dawn sensor program, no power needed, self-locking, 3-year warranty
$250 Installed

Best Nest Box - $250 Installed

Extra Mat - $20

Custom Built goat Shelters/ dog house

4X6  $ 750     Great For Large Breed dogs 

4X8  $ 850
4X10 $ 975
4X12 $ 1075
4X14 $1350

6X8   $ 1050   7 Feet Tall

6X10  $1200    7 feet Tall

     Delivery is available to most areas
         Credit cards are also accepted 

Custom Built Heated Rabbit hutches

Rabbit hutches are 6 feet long. All pressure treated construction. smart board siding on house an pt trim,pt floor in hutch. Hutch is 3'X3' an pen area is 3'X3' . Easy open top to pen area an large clean out door in house. House has ceramic heat system with outside water proof switch. Just plug into your drop cord for power. This size will house from 1 rabbit to 8 easily. an will last over 15 years. you can paint house an trim to your liking. Comes with the 250 watt Ceramic heating system.

3'X6' Rabbit hucth run