A Chicken Coop and Goat Shed Builder You Can Count On Since 2011

A Chicken Coop and Goat Shed Builder You Can Count On

About My Passion to build for you

Here is a little background on the guy who will be building your new chicken coop: I'm a Vietnam veteran (USAF) and a former home builder of 8 years after leaving the military who loves working with wood. My passion for raising chickens and building quality chicken coops is second to none. Also, I was the selected builder for the coop featured at the Greensboro Science Center.

        Our Chicken coops an goat sheds are ready to use when we deliver them to you. They are completely built.

I carefully choose my materials and construction techniques with an eye toward durability, portability, ease of use, and a very attractive design. You'll never feel like you have to hide your coop. In fact, you might even find yourself making it the focal point of your backyard!" I do not use lumber from Home Depot or Lowe’s.


Patent Process

​We are now in a patent pending process with the US patent office on our design of coops an goat sheds. Any likeness of our designs will be prosecuted under patent Infringement laws of the

35  USC 271

​Meaning  looks likeness of our structures in any way shape of form


Connie Morganton,NC

Just got my new coop.I couldn't be more pleased. The coop is a excellent design.the only ones happier then me with the coop are my chickens. NC Backyardcoops were wonderful to do business with.I would highly recommend them and their coops to anyone.

Will Shillinglaw

These coops are built to last. I have had many different kinds of coops and the ones from NC Backyard Coops are by far the best quality you will find anywhere!! That’s why I chose them. I now have 3 and wouldn’t buy another one from anybody else! If you want quality buy from these guys! 👍


Carolina Wildlife Conservation Center

We ordered four coops for our wildlife rehabilitation center for housing of our rescued Opossums. The coops are made extremely sturdy and we feel confident that no animal will be able to escape or enter the coops. We love the natural design and the nesting boxes are perfect for the babies to curl up and sleep. Everyone who has seen them is very impressed by the design and overall execution of the cages. We asked for extra sheeting under the roofs to reduce noise and Steve was very accepting of the extra work. Steve is the only contractor that I have known to deliver BEFORE the due date. Thank you Steve for giving us faith in contractors again and an amazing product for our animals!